Church Planting in Portugal

Since 1983, James Reimer, the founding director of Strategic Indigenous Missions, has been involved in planting churches in Portugal. At this time seven self-governing, self-sustaining indigenous churches have been established and are of themselves reproducing. Networking with churches from Central and South America, many more church plants are in the plans.  There is a need for many short term missionaries that can come along side the indigenous church so that God’s Word may be established in every region of Portugal and Spain.


For over twelve years, SIM has been investing in this Muslim country. Three full time missionaries have been sent there, and their labor has produced a number of disciples and small house churches. Because of the sensitivity of the situation, more detailed information cannot be supplied. God is taking the least likely means and people to penetrate these more difficult areas of the world.

  • Caring for street children
  • Rehabilitating of Prostitutes and Abandoned Women
  • Sending in of teams to do prayer walking and friendship evangelism


Since the mid 90’s, SIM has been investing in this quickly, developing, African nation. A missionary training center was established to train a new generation of indigenous pastors/missionaries, which resulted in over 26 new churches in the first five years of this century. Consolidation of these new works as well as support in church construction in the years that followed, opened the way for yet another school to be formed. Now that the civil war is over, the rural provinces have become accessible for further missionary activity. 2010 will be a year of great expansion into the heart of this wonderful nation.

  • Missionary training centers for indigenous workers
  • Support for church planting by indigenous workers

Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

Central Africa has been calling for us to go in again to do more training of church leadership. There are some amazing things happening in the two Congos, both in Brassaville and in Kinshasa, and we are feeling it is the right time to go back there again. We have been given great favor with the ambassador to the Congo here in Lisbon, and he has opened doors for us. Since July 2008, the country has experienced there first truly democratic elections and all are expecting a new day for central Africa. This could prove as an example for the rest of Africa. The Gospel is prospering in this part of the world and as it begins to impact the culture and society, we are expecting a new mission force to be raised up.


  • Reconciliation meetings between churches in Portugal and Spain
  • Annual conference of the Iberian Peninsula, (this year it is 22-24/9), in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Aiding local churches throughout Spain in leadership training and evangelism.


  • Assist New Hope Centre to open another orphanage.
  • Raise financial support to build another facility
  • Arrange sponsors for the children, ($50 per month).
  • Send in short term volunteers to help teach and care for the children.
  • Build website to promote the work of NHC.

Ivory Coast

  • Training indigenous workers in church planting and Muslim evangelization.
  • Evangelistic campaigns in rural communities.


  • Establish a Mission Training Center to equip the indigenous workers in church planting.
  • Equipping workers for Muslim evangelization.

 Moscow and Siberia, (Chita and Ulan Ude), Russia

From this “ends of the world” location, God is raising up powerful churches with a vision to reach all across Siberia and into China and Mongolia. We are training these Russians who are in turn training the Chinese to extend the Kingdom of God to all the countries along the ancient Silk Road. Our next trip to Siberia, will also take us into Manchuria, China, where we will minister to Chinese believers who are preparing to take the Gospel along the Silk Road, back to Jerusalem. Where Western missionaries are unwelcome, these Chinese and Russian missionaries can easily obtain visas. They have had their own experiences in prison, because of their faith, and are willing to lay their lives down. SIM’s vision is to equip the indigenous church for missions, and truly the door is wide open in the East.

  • The focus is the training of pastors in cell church strategy and missions