Day 132 – Watchmen on the Walls

Watchmen On The Walls

There was a prank we used to do to our children, (and, at times, others), while praying before eating our meal. When all eyes were closed, one of us would take one of the plates and hide it. After the prayer, the one with the missing plate would exclaim: “Hey, who took my dinner?”  We would all laugh and recover the missing plate then say: “You must watch and pray.”

In the Bible times, watchmen were important to the defense of the city. The city was protected by walls, but without the watchmen, the city could still be easily taken by the enemy. In the dark of the night, spies could come in over the wall to evaluate the cities weaknesses, as in the case of Jericho, (Joshua 2), or even open the gates to the invading forces. Watchmen were to alert the army to the emanate danger. If a watchman fell asleep on his watch, he would be severely punished, even at times to the point of death, because the safety of the city depended on him.

Isaiah uses the term, “watchmen”, to metaphorically describe the ministry of the intercessor. In chapter 52, these watchmen were to announce the coming of the Lord to Zion. They were to keep looking at all the prophetic signs for His coming and were to declare this Good News with singing and rejoicing. In this sense a watchman was to look diligently into the Word of God and discern the times and seasons that were prophetically described in the Scriptures.

Isaiah goes on to describe, in chapter 62, these prayer warriors as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. They were to keep God’s promises in relation to Jerusalem always before Him. They were to declare them continually. They were to remind God of them night and day; to give Him no rest, until all was fulfilled. This is a 24/7 ministry of prophetic prayer. It is the taking of the promises of God and praying these promises until they come about. Being “on the wall” is a point of advantage. It is where one can see and be seen; hear and be heard. From this high place, the watchman can alert others of coming danger and declare the instructions of the King.

The signs of the end of this age and the coming of the Lord will catch many by surprise, for the Bible says the Lord will come as a thief in the night. When one is “in the dark”, he can be taken by surprise, for this reason the Holy Spirit was given to us to give us understanding into the Word of God so as to be prepared for His coming. Paul told the Thessalonian Church to be awake and sober, so as not to be caught off guard. Being children of the light, we must watch and pray. Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous. Satan is looking for whom he may devour. Be alert to his devices and schemes. Look to the Word of God and pray. As a watchman, declare night and day the promises found in the Word. The Lord’s coming is nigh.

Scriptures to meditate on:

Is. 52.8; 62.6; I Thess. 5.4-11; Ez. 3.17; 33.6-7; Psalms 127.2; 119.148