Day 239 – When God Moves On Your Heart

When God Moves On Your Heart

Some years ago, I was in a conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. There were some well-known ministers scheduled to speak and I was very excited to receive from them. But what took place at this conference was anything but normal. Instead of the famous preachers’ ministry, we experienced a move the Holy Spirit. It all began at the time of the offering. As the pastor was talking about the importance of giving, a note was given to him about a need that a pastor from Washington, D.C., had. He was moving to a new building and they had no chairs. As the pastor read out this need, immediately another pastor stood up and said he had three hundred chairs he was willing to give. Another note was given to the presiding pastor about a need of a van to aid in a mission to the Navajo Indians. Just as quickly as the first, a pastor stood up to say he had a van he was willing to give to meet this need. This went on for two hours until there were no more needs. The next night, without anyone planning it, the same thing happened. The Holy Spirit interrupted this conference in such a sweet way, as He moved on the hearts of all those present. No one left that conference the same. All the needs were met.

I love reading biographies of men and women, who were moved by God to do some amazing things. One example is that of Count Zinzendorf, a Saxon nobleman, who lived in the 1700s. He used his lands and riches to establish Christian communities around the world and they continued a 24/7 prayer meeting for over 100 years. And then there was Mary Slessor, who as a young woman, left here home in Scotland to follow in the footsteps of David Livingstone. She gave her life to serve God’s purposes in Nigeria. Though she was fragile and suffered from many sickness, she preached Gospel to many tribes, establish schools. negotiated peace among warring factions and saved twin babies from certain death. I can go on and on, telling the stories of those who have been moved by God to give their lands and wealth, leave their families and sacrifice their lives for a higher calling; all because their hearts were moved to do so. As the Scriptures say: “of whom the world was not worthy”. (Heb. 11.38)

God can do so much through people who are willing to yield themselves to Him and His will. Moses built the sanctuary from the contributions of those whose hearts were moved to give. (Ex. 25.2) Paul exhorted the Corinthian church to give freely; not reluctantly or under compulsion. (II Cor. 9.6-8) The Macedonians were used as an example in that, even though they were poor, they insisted in giving beyond their means to help the Christians in need in Jerusalem. When one’s heart is moved on by the Holy Spirit, there is joy. One does not think about his needs or desires. It is all about others. The motivation for such sacrifice and service is in the first giving of oneself wholly to the Lord and then to others. (II Cor. 8.5)

Paul explained this sensation as being the love of God constraining him. He was beaten, imprisoned, shipwrecked and persecuted, but he just kept going. Love was in control of his life. His life was hidden in Christ and thus he joyfully gave all. When was the last time that the Lord moved on your heart? I am not talking about some goose bump, spiritual experience. I am talking about being moved by God to give beyond your means, to step out of your comfort zone in ministering to someone in need or to lay down your own desires and plans to embrace the Lord’s. Are you willing to let the Lord touch you in this way?

Scriptures to meditate on:

Ps. 110.3; Ex. 25.1-2; I Cor. 13; II Cor. 5.14; 9.6-8; Acts 20.35; Mat. 10.8